The School District of Bruce encourages all members of the school community to help create an environment that supports healthy, lifelong habits and develops school programming that reflects and promotes positive nutritional choices. Students who practice good nutrition and daily physical activity attend school with minds and bodies ready to take advantage of their learning environment. Decisions made in all school programming shall reinforce a healthy lifestyle.

SCOPE: District and Community Wide

RESPONSIBILITY: The promotion of good nutrition and regular, appropriate physical activity is the shared responsibility of the School Board and the entire staff as well as the community.

Component 1: District Nutrition Standards
Reduce Student access to foods of minimal nutritional value as defined by USDA.

· In keeping with contractual obligations to the National School Lunch/Breakfast programs, ensure the integrity of the school lunch program by limiting food and beverage sales that are in direct conflict with the breakfast/lunch programs.

· The meal program offered by the District will follow the U.S. Government’s Nutrition Standards.

· Encourage parents to provide healthy bag lunches and beverages for students.

· During the instructional day on school grounds, the vending sales of pop and snacks that are not healthy (do not meet DPI’s guidelines) will be prohibited. Milk, water, and 100% juice may be sold/consumed on school grounds throughout instructional day per permission of the building principal.

· Nonfood items should be used as classroom rewards by staff. Food items should only be used as a reward no more than once a month.

· Fundraising Activities and Concessions—To create a school environment that supports the promotion of healthy food and beverage choices for children, it is important to consider all venues where food and beverages are consumed or sold. The following recommendations are made to promote healthy choices for students related to fundraising and concessions.

1. Encourage nonfood items for raising funds.

2. Whenever food and beverages are sold that raise funds for school groups, these groups shall include some healthy food choices.

3. Organizations operating concessions at school functions should include some healthy food choices in their offerings

Component 2: Nutrition Education

Building nutrition knowledge and skills helps children make healthy eating choices. To make a difference, nutrition education should be appropriate for student’s ages, reflect their cultures, and provide opportunities for them to practice skills and have fun. The nutrition education curriculum should be easy to teach and connect to state learning standards.

· Students will receive nutrition education that teaches the skills they need to adopt healthy eating behaviors.

1. All staff are encouraged to integrate appropriate nutrition activities throughout the school year.

2. Students will be provided information and practice opportunities in sound health practices including nutrition and physical activity. This education will include, but not be limited to the following areas: nutrition pyramid, food labels, major nutrients, diet and disease, serving size and calories, and proper sanitation.

· Parents will be provided reinforcing materials through the District newsletter as well as presentations and displays at special events such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, Family Math Night, and Family Reading Night.

Component 3: Physical Education

· Students are provided opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day through daily recess, physical education classes, and integration of physical activity into the curriculum.

· Students are given opportunities for physical activity through a range of after-school programs.

1. The activities should include lifetime physical fitness activities, such as walking programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

School District of Bruce Wellness Committee Members

For the purposes of implementing, evaluating, and revising the policy, this committee will meet quarterly with committee membership as follows:

Food Service Director


Parent Representatives

Health Instructor

Physical Education Instructor

Administrative Representative

Student Representatives

General Instructors

School Board Member

Rusk County Extension Representative

Approved: July 10, 2006