Explore Grade Four!


smileyHappy New Year!  January 2018
  Our Animal Defenses unit is coming to an end soon.  We are researching and taking notes in groups on an animal and its defense mechanisms to close out the semester.  We will gather information from different sources and synthesize our knowledge in the process. We continue to work on close reading, making inferences, annotating text, finding the main idea, and noting details to support our inferences.  These reading strategies are life long skills to use to improve comprehension with any subject matter.
Math:  We have finished our unit on division, but we will continue to multiply and divide all year.  The next unit centers on problem solving.  Students tend to find story problems challenging, so this unit is difficult for many.  My goal is to help students gain confidence in tackling story problems by working together and learning to organize the information given while breaking the problem down into manageable steps.  We got this!
Language Arts:  We are working on essay writing.  Essay writing is a nine week unit and such an important one.  Essay writing is important for students all through through school and into college.  The students are learning essay structure.  They have learned how to select a topic from their journals, write a thesis, list reasons that support their thesis, use transition words, and push their thinking to write strong for longer periods of time while staying focused on the topic.  I am proud of all that the students have accomplished while increasing their writing stamina.  Their essays will be impressive! 
Social Studies: All about Wisconsin! We recently finished reading about the historic Indians and learning about the bands of native Americans that inhabit the Wisconsin area. Chapter three left off with the new groups of people that came to America and the problems the native Americans had when they were forced to new lands.  We will move on in Chapter four to learn about the colonists.


Contact: Renee Checkalski