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smileyApril 2018
  We spent an entire quarter on the American Revolution. The students learned about some events that led up the revolution including the Boston Tea Party, The Stamp Act, the Intolerable Acts, and the Boston Massacre.  We read a book called Divided Loyalties about how the colonists became divided over their loyalties for their native country of Britain and their desires to become their own independent country in America. We learned about slavery and how slaves were allowed to enlist in the war to obtain their freedom.  We read about the Declaration of Independence and who the major people were behind the writing of this important document.  Our main reading strategy was using text to summarize and learn new vocabulary words. 
Math:  We have studied both the metric and English system of measurement.  We are now working on fractions and decimals.  All the while, we continue to work on multiplication, division and problem solving.
Language Arts:  We just finished an informational piece about the American Revolution.  The students used 2 or more sources to write about one topic related to the American Revolution.  The students learned to paraphrase their information and typed up their final writing organized into chapters.
Social Studies: We have been reading a lot about slavery and how the slaves escaped using the Underground Railroad.  Our next topic will be the civil war.

Contact: Renee Checkalski