Feb 2018

High school lessons for the week of Feb 19-23

Monday:  Art 1:  Printmaking:   Students continue to  use scratch art paper for daily drawing for prep for printmaking.  The will complete sketches for first Printmaking assignment: exploration of textures, techniques and hand printing.  Their drawing should include a number, letter and five different textures/lines .  Transfer this drawing onto printmaking plate and demo carving techniques.  Stress always to carve away from you for safety.  Take small amounts off at a time.
                Art II, III, IV:  Printmaking:  students will do a small plate for practice and review of printmaking techniques.  Do two sketches for plans.
Tuesday:    Art I   :  Continue carving plate for first print.
                Art II, III, IV:  Transfer onto printing plate, review carving techniques and safety.  Begin carving plates.

Wednesday:  Art 1:  Finish carving plate and demo how to hand print, set up and process.
        Art II,III,IV : Carving on plate.

Thursday:  Art 1:  Students print on different colored papers, ( try at least three)  They should also try at least three different inks. This will help them with their next print.

               Art II, III, IV:  Students who are finished will do hand printing:  review set up and do three prints on colored paper, and use three different inks.  Students should have good quality prints: the image is crisp and clean, no over or under inking, no smearing or unprinted parts.

Friday:      Art I:  Evaluation of prints, students look at all prints, discuss composition, carving and printing process.  This is important as the next prints will be optional designs.  Note which images worked best for prints.  Some designs may look good as a drawing but not make a good print.  Look for a full range of values in prints.

                 Art II III IV:  Print evaluations:  Same as Art 1 if students are finished with printing.

Middle School Exploratory 6th grade

Monday: Intro to papier mache:  Student identify the parts of a goblet:  They will create an armature of an award goblet using   two separate parts:  bowl and base.  Complete by end of class.

Tuesday:  Begin papier maching bowl and stem of the goblet, keep separate until at least three or four layers are done on the bowl.

Wednesday:  Finish layers on the bowl and attach the stem to the bowl.  Keep all parts smooth.

Thursday:  Last day to paper mache with alternating colors. 

Friday:  Remove bowl armature and cover all parts with final color.  Keep the goblet smooth.

Elementary classes:  Kindergarten:  Intro to sewing using fabric "string".  Students review the over,under pattern of weaving and use the UP DOWN UP DOWN pattern that is used for sewing.  They use large needles to sew with yarn.  Save for next week.

First Grade :1-F: Symmetrical fish.  Students fold paper in half to draw one half of a fish, cut out to create the second half.  Try several tries, take home.
                    1-M: Symmetrical Fish:  Students use markers to add details to their painted fish such as scales, patterns, designs.  They cut sea weed out of colored paper to create an underwater picture.  Share and take home.

Second Grade:  2-G:  Sewing sampler:  Students learn what a sampler is, they set up their burlap to show a sample of the running, cross, and satin stitch.  Begin running if time. Save for next week.

Third Grade:  Papier Mache crowns. : 3-Kane: Student will finish adding colors to crown, they will write a story telling the class what happens when they put their crown on their head.  Share with class while wearing their crown.  Take home.  3-Kearns:  Georgia O'Keeffe.  Students learn about Georgia O'Keeffe and identify her subject matter.  Select a flower that they would like to enlarge, do a small sketch to practice extending the flower to all edges of the paper.

Fourth grades: Printmaking; 2-C  Student will read their stories about their print pictures to the class. 2-L Intro to papier mache:  Students will select three boxes to use as an armature for a castle.  The will have at least one tower.  Tape and save for next week.

Fifth Grade:Papier Mache masks.  5-L  Students write stories about their mask, describing the mask and stating its purpose.  Students will ask "reporter" questions.  Display masks in hallway.
5-Cody:  Students will add hair and other materials to their mask, write statement for the mask if time.  Share stories next week.


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