December 2017

High school lessons for the week of December 18-22

Monday:  Art I:  Intro to clay:  First period:  Continue working on 5 different "thumbnail sketches" of clay shapes. Different shapes should include one with a handle, a foot, and a lid.  
                                                Fourth period:  Students will select  one of their designs to create a larger piece, at least 6 inches or taller.  The selected design should include a foot, handle, or lid. Construction should be smooth and somewhat symmetrical.  Students can use a banding wheel to help form the piece.
               Art II, III, IV : Ceramics:  Chinese bronze vessels.  :Intro to the design and basic construction methods.  (Student were no able to begin this assignment last week.)  By end of class students should have two to three designs for their vessels, it must have feet and a lid.  They will be constructing a set of three vessels that relate to each other either by size, or design, or shapes.  Examples  could be:  small, medium, and large.  or two smalls and a large, or two square shapes and a round shape, and so on.
Maximum thickness of the clay is 3/4 inch.  Larger shapes will need to be hollow due to the firing process.

Tuesday:  Art 1 : Movie day???  Otherwise work on thumbnail designs.

                 Art II, III, IV: Chinese Bronze containers.  Begin construction.

Wednesday:  Art I:  Continue working on the five small designs 3-4 inches in size.  One should have a handle, one should have a foot, one should have a lid that fits.  Fourth period, continue working on larger clay container.
                   Art II,III,IV :  Work on Chinese Bronze vessels.

Thursday:  Art I  Clay container, vessel project.  Student should be nearing completion , start a second design if completed, this can be their own choice.

                  Art II,III,IV:   Clay:   Chinese Bronze set.

Friday:      Art I:  Last day for containers, use underglaze or carving to add designs.  Allow to air dry over the break

                 Art II III IV  Last day on Chinese Bronze set:  textures, carvings and underglaze paints can be added.

Middle School Exploratory

Monday:  6th grade :  Intro to papier mache goblets.  Students determine what makes a goblet and the different parts involved.
They will draw a design for a goblet including all parts:  Bowl, stem, base and foot.  Size should be between 6 and 10 inches.  Demo on making armature.  Students will construct the bowl and stem if time.

Tuesday:  Papier Mache goblet:  Students will review papier mache techniques and papier mache bowl shape.  They will use tag board around their sphere to identify the edge of their bowl.  Papier mache with at least three alternating layers.

Wednesday: Papier Mache goblet:  Students will finish construction on the stem and base of their armature.  they will use tagboard attached to the base for stability.  If time allows begin papier mache in stem and base.

Thursday: Papier mache goblet :  Students will papier mache the base and stem with at least three alternating layers.  Add another layer of two to the bowl if time. 

Friday:  Papier mache goblet:  Students will attach the stem to the bowl of their goblet and papier mache the entire structure.  Care should be taken to create a very smooth surface.  Goblets will dry over the break.

Elementary classes:

Kindergarten:  Tall pine tree scarfs:  Students will use extra triangles to create a very tall pine tree in the shape of a scarf.  They will add pine needles and learn how to form yarn fring.  Take home if finished.

First Grade:   Wax resist clay containers.  Students will finish painting their small clay containers and take home.  They will return to their rectangle person, painting a snowy background using white paint on grey paper.  Save background for after break so person can be added.

Second Grade:  Painting sun face.  Students will use tempera paint to add color to their sun face.  They will learn how to braid yarn to form hanger.  Take home if completed.

Third Grade:  Story picture:  Students will finish coloring their animals and person, they will cut out leaving the marker outline to prevent accidental cutting into the drawing.  They will arrange their animals and person to create a story on the painted landscape.  Write story and share if time.

Fourth grades: Clay pieces:  Students will use watercolor wash to paint decorative drape bowls.  They will learn how the clay draws the paint into the cracks to create dark areas.  They will use metallic paints to add sparkle,  share and take home.

Fifth Grade: Students will begin their papier mache unit by viewing different masks created out of papier mache.  They will select an emotion to illustrate and make a sketch to be used when they construct their mask.   They will use newspaper to build a simple oval form to papier mache next week.  They will punch two holes and attach a yarn to be used for display before the papier mache makes the edge too thick.  Save for after break.


Contact: T Harper