February News 


Second semester has arrived and it's time for an update on what's happenin  Watch for a variety of projects in ART. 

Elementary classes continue to meet every six days for their 45 minute art lessons. Below is a listing of current and proposed projects for the second half of the school year.

Kindergarten:  Students are able to listen and complete more projects in the smaller classes!!!  They have learned the primary colors and basic weaving on a paper loom that they constructed.  Lots of folding, measuring, cutting and formulating patterns go into this project.  They will continue the over, under, up, down pattern with a simple sewing project.  Guided drawing, story illustrations, painting, printmaking , and paper mache will complete the school year.  Students take at least two class periods to complete a project, the first lesson is introduction with practice, the second lesson is review and mastery of the skills.
First and Second grades:  These students have completed more advanced weaving projects that show different color families that help unify the art work.  They are introduced to more advanced sewing skills with 2nd grade using needles and yarn on burlap.  Paper mache, simple printmaking, painting, and more guided drawing will finish out the school year.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades:  Students  have worked on narrative pictures and written stories that accompany their art work.  They are learning beginning relief printmaking on Styrofoam plates as well as texture rubbing.  Next projects include paper mache, sewing, weaving,and painting.  They will be very busy trying new media.
Middle School Exploratory:  We are on the second group of Eight Grade students!  They are currently creating elegant Greek vases out of clay with black slip decorations and will use a clear glaze to complete the process.  Student are greatly enjoying this project with frequent " tears of joy".  They will begin a second clay project, head and shoulders of an animal or person showing expression and textures.  Other projects to finish out the six weeks of exploratory include color theory painting, introduction to perspective , and a modified origami booklet for goal setting.  Sixth grade students will begin their rotation with in sketchbooks for daily drawing, inspirational messages, then explore the various medias of clay, paint, pastel, and pencil.

High School:   Please stop in at the Ladysmith Library to view the art show from the neighboring high schools.  It is very nicely hung and shows a large variety of art media.

Currently all Art I, II, III, IV students are exploring relief block printmaking.  They are learning ways to express their ideas through carving, printing, and re-working their plates to reach the desired results.  Color printing with two or more colored inks will be attempted, lots of planning as they design different plates for each new color.  Written and oral critiques have become important as students share what works and sometimes doesn't work in the prints displayed on the walls.  They will learn different mat cutting skills to present their artwork for exhibits.  Next units will include plaster gauze sculptures that focus on figures and movement, a second unit in ceramics where students will apply skills learned first semester to create more individualized art work.  As spring arrives outdoor drawing/painting that uses perspective skills will be welcome change from a classroom with no windows!

It will be a busy and enjoyable second semester in the art rooms at Bruce!  Please feel free to stop by any time to view the art and observe students learning new skills. 


Ms Harper

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