January 2018

High school lessons for the week of January 15-19

Monday:  Art 1:Relief sculpture assignment.  Students will finish low relief sculptures of their face.  Using a needle tool, they will make holes in the edge of their sculpture to hang the work after completion.  
               Art II, III, IV:  Students will be created a 3-D head and neck.  They will begin their sculpture by drawing a self portrait and will have the option of changing features.  Their face will be a base to check the basic featues of a face. They will sculpt all parts, adding clay to create forehead, cheeks, chin, jaw, hair, and do on.  The clay head will include neck and shoulders for stability. Students will learn how to build a newspaper armature and to remove it prior to firing.  Students  will create at least two views for their head, front and side.  This assignment will be due by the end of the week and go on next quarter's grade.

Tuesday:  Art 1 :  Low relief sculpture:  Finish the face by end of class today.  If students finish early, do painted studies for the face mixing colors as with acrylic paints.  Let dry.

                 Art II, III, IV: Work on head, neck, shoulder sculptures.
Wednesday:  Art 1:  Students will glaze their large clay containers using small studies for ideas.
                   Art II,III,IV : 3-D sculptures:  Students should be shaping details such as eyes, nose, etc. today. Clay should be getting closer to the leather hard stage.

Thursday:  Art 1:  Grid drawing of daily drawing:  Students will select one daily drawing compositions from any week.  They will use a grid set up to enlarge the drawing to 9"x12" or larger.  They will re draw the picture as close as possible to the original drawing.  Color, value, chalks can be used to complete the picture.
Art II,III,IV:   Clay:  Continue with 3-D head.  Should be nearing completion, if dry enough remove newspaper armature and re attach any part that was cut off.

Friday:      Art I:  Grid drawing:  continue working on this assigment.

                 Art II III IV:  3-D head: Last day, all newspaper should be removed, add textures to hair, eyebrows and smooth skin for painting.  Let dry.

Middle School Exploratory

Monday:  Van Gogh Stary Night:  Students will identify colors and shapes in Van Gogh's painting , Stary Night.  They will make several small sketches of the landscape and then do a larger version for painting.  Discuss colors colors and technique.

Tuesday:  Painting:  Students will begin paintings, using tempera paints, they will draw out areas of color in the sky at least three different values.  They will also mark out stary and the moon to be painted with mixed values.

Wednesday:  Last day for painting colors on the pictures.  Use complementary colors to create darker blues, purples in the ground... NO BLACK PAINT.
Thursday:  Students will use oil pastels to add the lines the are in the Stary Night painting.  They will use lines in the ground as well as in the trees.

Friday:  Last day of class;  Students will have extra time for the daily drawing:  they may trace the pictures if the want.  Clean out bins, finish and share Van Gogh paintings if time.

Elementary classes:  Kindergarten: Color mixing painting: Students will draw a medium size circle, then a larger circle around that circle and then a huge circle that does not all fit on their paper.  They paint the center circle, yellow, paint the third circle red, mix yellow and red to make orange and then the last space will be the mystery color using blue.  Save for next week.  Mrs. Locke's students will take their mittens home from last week.

First Grade  1-Fjelsted: .Students will begin their weaving unit identifying warm and cool color groups.  They will learn how to make a paper loom and how to weave using an over-under-over-under pattern to create a warm colored . square shape.  If time they will begin the cool colored weaving following the same steps.  Save for next week
.                   1-Moore:  Students will continue with their weaving unit, today they will weave cool colors, and then set up a third loom to weave colors of their choice.  If time students will glue all strips down, front and back.  Save for next week.
Second Grade:  Weaving paper basket:  Students will be using warm/cool colors for their basket weaving, they will cut loom and begin the over/under/over/under pattern pushing all strips of paper close together.  Finish by end of class and glue if time.

Third Grade:  Papier Mache crowns. :  Student will continue the papier Mache part of this assignment.  They will use either fingers or a brush to apply paste, covering all the armature with 2" rectangles of newspaper, overlapping and smoothing each piece of paper. They will cover the entire armature by end of class.  Help others as thery get finished.  Save for next week.  Mr. Kearns class will use white paper for the second layer on their armatures.  Note the importance of using alternating colored of paper so that students know how many layers they have on their crown.

Fourth grades: Printmaking: Students will evaluate their prints from last week.  They will add color to at least one print using colored pencils or crayons.  They will sign each print per tradition of all printmakers, in pencil noting edition number and title.
They will cut out fish and arrange on background paper that has been created by texture rubbing.  Imagine a title and story for this picture.  Share.

Fifth Grade:Papier Mache masks.  Students continue to paper mache their masks, using the basic overlapping technique and creating a smooth surface .They will finish creating the nose and cover with papier mache to make it look like part of the face.  They will also add horns, ears or other features if they want.  They will start using colored paper to add a finished surface to the mask.  Cover with one complete layer of colored paper by end of class..  Save for next week.


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