April 2018

High school lessons for the week of April 23-27

Monday:  Art 1:  Papier Mache:  Students are continuing on their trophy heads.  This should be the final week on the project.  Student will continue adding features to make their animal look more realistic.  Use modeling clay for eyes, form nostrils, skin folds and so on.  Use paper soaked in papier mache paste to form details and fill out areas to create symmetry. Cover with different color to better see the shape  The animal head should be solid, keep checking profile and front view photos.
                Art II, III, IV:  Papier Mache: Students are doing same assingment as Art 1 class, they are a few days behind due to finishing up another project.  Continue building features that help animal head look realistic.

Tuesday:    Art I   : Papier Mache:  Color Study:  small colored paper mosaic pictures of the animal should be completed.  Front and side view will be done to help students determine color placement on their trophy head.  Some students will be soaking colored paper to soften it for paper macheing on their animal head.
                Art II, III, IV:    Same as Art I
Wednesday:  Art I  Papier Mache:  Colored paper final layer, students will continue covering animal, making adjustments as needed to match photo as close as possible.
                      Art II,III,IV:  Same assignment as ART I   Students may not be ready to do their study yet.

Thursday:  Art 1:  Evaluation:  Hang trophy heads in hallway to determine what needs to be completed, informal critique.  Students take information and finish project.  Assist other students if needed to finish. Write statement.

               Art II, III, IV: Same as Art 1 if they are caught up with these classes, otherwise follow same plan.

Friday:     Early out


Middle School Exploratory 8th grade
Monday:  Cardboard loom weaving:   Finish weaving.  Clean out bins, take artwork home.
Tuesday: Last day for this group.  Finish weaving, review goals for class and if they were met, optional drawing or "tracing"

Wednesday:  New Group: Intro to class seating, rules, expectations.  INterview classmates, set goals, identify strengths, weaknesses.
 Thursday:  Create sketchbooks.

Friday:  Early out, no class

Elementary classes:  Kindergarten:  Locke:  Create feathers from textures papers, practice orgami hat.
  Scoles: Texture rubbings, primary colors.

First Grade :1-F: Still Life:  Students will be introduced to Paul Crezanne's still life with fruit.  They will learn what makes a still life and will paint the wall/table for their own still life. Save for next week.
                    1-M: Van Gogh's Iris Garden, discuss.  Make stencil of a flower, trace on paper to create a flower garden.

Second Grade: Lascaux Cave Painting.  Students draw large head of bull to trace on their cave painting, use pictography to write a story around their painting.  Share and take home.

Third Grade: Intro to sewing a tapestry.  Both classes will meet together this week, they will be introduced to back stitch that will be used for their tree drawing.  Students who have not finished their frames can work on that part later.

Fourth grades:  4-C:  Guided drawing: horse or deer.  Students will use basic shapes to create a profile of animal.  They will trace onto final paper for painting next week.  4-L will be finishing their castles to take home.

Fifth Grade:  5-C:  Picasso abstract pictures.  Students will finish drawing their front and 3/4 view of a famous artist.
They will outling and trace onto white paper.  The two drawings will be cut into four pieces and re-assembled to form two abstract drawings.  They will outline their favorite one.  Learn how to use pastels to draw attention to the lines.

5-L View Kandinsky's Man on horse.  Discuss how color has been applied.  Trace one of their abstract pictures and use chalk to add color.  Share.


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